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10 Steps to Improve your Cyber Security

Effective cyber security is about assessing risks and consequences and taking appropriate steps. Read about the 10 best practices for a healthy network.

  • How to spot the symptoms of poor cyber health
  • Tactics for protecting your data and network
  • Reasons your video surveillance system would be valuable to a cyber criminal
  • Building an internal company culture concerned about cybersecurity
  • Resources to help make improvements or maintain the current system

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Smartphones - Keys for Access Control

Smartphones offer a cost-effective, simpler way for companies to manage identification credentials as it eliminates numerous manual tasks. Axis and HID Global offer a new solution which enables mobile devices to function as credentials, allowing people to gain access to secured buildings, rooms and areas.
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Axis Access Control with A8105-E

AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station is a full-fledged security camera, a powerful communication device, and a convenient door opener in one single device. It offers:

  • High quality audio and video
  • Axis’ Digital Corridor Format
  • Remote entry control
  • SIP support
  • Zipstream

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Dedrone-Automatic Anti-Drone Solution

Every organisation protected by a ground fence now requires an aerial equivalent. Dedrone offers a future-proof software platform that mitigates all drone threats and gives complete airspace insulation.

Early detection of drones and possible drone threats is an important component of perimeter security. Coupled with Axis Perimeter Defender critical security issues will be covered.

Axis Perimeter DefenderAxis Perimeter Defender

AXIS Perimeter Defender is a flexible, scalable video analytics application for perimeter surveillance and protection. It’s designed for demanding large-scale installations.