Innovative security solutions for your business...

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics

IBM IVA cuts through the vast linear process of video monitoring by converting video images to data.

  • Develop comprehensive security, intelligence, and investigative capabilities using video.
  • Use advanced search, redaction and facial recognition to find the relevant images
  • Find critical information across multiple video files from multiple types of cameras.


Top technology trends in security

2017 is seeing more smart technology added to devices such as security cameras, door stations and audio equipment. This allows security specialists to improve the services they provide while enabling customers to focus on what they do best by:

  • Remote and professional hosting of video.
  • Integrated Solutions with video, analytics and access control.
  • Intelligent Analytics utilizing higher quality footage and advanced technology.
  • 'Deep Learning' computer analytics understanding patterns and creating alerts when changes occur.


Facial Recognition

Automated facial recognition has many applications for security purposes but also has real benefits of usage for business operations and management and for improved marketing and service purposes.


Enhanced image usability...

Axis are continuously developing more advanced technologies to enhance performance, quality, reliability and image usability of security cameras. Zipstream reduces storage requirements, Wide Dynamic Range imporves image quality in dark or blinding light, iris control and more. Read more..

Milestone Software Matters

Why the quality of software matters

Our world runs on software. Every business depends on it and every mobile phone uses it. Every new car relies on code. Without software, modern civilization would fall apart. Given this reality, the quality of that software really matters.