Servers and Storage

As an Intel Gold Partner Provider, Encom integrates and customises a range of rack and pedestal servers for clients ranging from multi-national corporations to local businesses. Using Intel platforms in addition to approved disk subsystems and memory, our integrated systems are designed for increased uptime and serviceability. All Intel range Servers are designed to minimise energy usage. Systems are supported by a 3 year warranty from Intel with local service implemented by Encom.

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Enterprise Range

Our Enterprise range of rack optimized servers is an Intel manufactured and supported platform. The systems are configured with a variety of approved disk, memory and operating system options to meet the most demanding needs of companies such as cloud service providers and web hosting companies.

Encom Platinum Storage Servers can be configured to your specific business needs

Platinum Range

For a product that is cutomised to your specific requirements, Encom offers the Platinum rack optimised range of Storage Servers. The Platinum range is perfect for high capacity storage applications such as video footage for the security and media industries. Platinum Storage Servers support up to 24 hard drives providing up to 48 Terabytes of storage.

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Business Range

The Business server range built on an Intel pedestal platform is targeted towards the small to medium business. With options for single or dual processor and a variety of configurable options for disk subsystem and memory this range can scale from the most basic to the most demanding business needs.

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