IP and OP

What is Internet Protocol (IP)

Internet Protocol (IP) is the method by which information is sent from one computer to another on the Internet or over a computer network using a unique IP address to identify each device . An IP camera uses this same protocol and IP addressing system to send video across the network.The video surveillance (CCTV) world is moving from analogue to IP. More and more users are looking for an IP-based solution to take advantage of higher quality video, greater intelligence and flexibility and ease of installation. Many traditional CCTV companies have been slow to make the move to IP, because of vested interest in the CCTV technology, leaving the field open to new entrants such as Axis and Milestone to blaze the IP trail.

What is Open Platform (OP)?

Take the analogy of Apple and Microsoft in the computer industry – Microsoft offers an open platform operating system while Apple produces a generally closed platform. The Apple concept keeps control of the hardware and software in-house while the Microsoft software is open for other companies to manufacture hardware and software solutions to integrate with their platform.Take this analogy into the area of IP Video / CCTV. Many of the traditional CCTV companies while now accepting the inevitability of IP video have not embraced the open platform concept. Milestone on the other hand produces a fully open platform software solution. Milestone does not manufacture cameras or access control so their strategy is to ensure that their software integrates with as many third party devices and solutions as possible. So what does this mean for the customer? Open platform brings competitive pricing, flexibility, scalability and an array of solutions to different problems.

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