Telecity Group

Telecity Group, formally Data Electronic Group is an IT services and hosting company based in Kilcarbery and Ballycoolin, Dublin

Customer requirement from IP Surveillance solution

Ceiling Mounted Cameras

Implementation of a camera network video system with over 400 cameras running Milestone Corporate VMS (Video Management Software) and a 180 unit access control system fully integrated with the security video system on a multiple server back-end running on a Windows / VM Ware platform to facilitate complete system failover and redundancy across two sites.
The electronic security system on these sites integrates access control, perimeter detection, remote monitoring and video surveillance into a single user interface that can be managed from any point of the customer’s network.

Telecity Group offers a comprehensive and integrated capability to support and service the IT, Telecommunications, Hosting and Managed Service needs of the business sector. Founded in 1975, Telecity Group, formally Data Electronic Group has over 30 years' experience. Its long-established client base bears testament to the company's exceptional commitment to customer service.

Benefit of the Encom solution

The new IP-Surveillance system works in conjunction with already tight physical security. Entry to restricted parts of the building is controlled through the use of a biometric hand key geometry system from IR Recognition Systems, which identifies an individual using the unique characteristics of his palm dimensions.