ADM Londis

ADM Londis have a Food Distribution Warehouse in Johnstown, Co Kildare.

Customer requirement from IP Surveillance solution

The client required the distribution warehouse, the main entrances and car park to be monitored both day and night. They wanted to integrate an existing 32 analogue camera system into a Network Video based CCTV system as they understood the clear advantages in terms of flexibility and scalability provided by the IP based technology.

System used

  • A Milestone Professional VMS 64 camera system was used.
  • 32 existing analogue cameras were integrated into the system.
  • Multiple new IP cameras including the Axis 211, Axis 225FD, Axis P3343-VE and M3204V were installed.
  • A remote video and audio link was set up to allow remote monitoring.


  • The Encom IP surveillance solution provides a system with much higher image quality.
  • It provides flexibility and scalability with easy integration of existing analogue cameras into a new IP network video based solution.
  • A remote monitoring company manage security issues on site outside working hours with a remote video and audio link to the site.