Our Clients

Encom’s experienced and professional team have created a strong customer base for supply and installation of security services, IP Network (CCTV), and bespoke security solutions.
Having extensive knowledge and over 20 years experience in the IT and Servers and Storage industry Encom’s loyal customer base value the knowledge and professionalism we bring to the industry.
Encom have provided security solutions for business premises, industrial estates, schools and educational building, busses trains and public transport, car parks and remote locations. Here are some of thier stories.


Data Centre: Equinix, Dublin

Customer requirement: Implementation of a camera network video system with over 550 cameras running Milestone Corporate VMS (Video Management Software) and a 220 unit access control system fully integrated with the security video system on a multiple server .... Read More

Global Network Cable Operator: Hibernia Atlantic, Dublin

Customer requirement: Hibernia required a centrally managed IP based network security system to integrate security and access control for 20 diverse sites around the world. Milestone VMS was used.... Read More


Automotive Servicing: Tractamotors Ltd, Cavan

Customer requirement: To transition the site to a digital surveillance system, Tractamotors wanted a featurerich security solution that maximised image quality and coverage for external areas and helped reduce stock loss in the DIY hardware shop. .... Read More

Londis Logo

Food Distribution: ADM Londis, Co Kildare

Customer requirement: to monitor distribution warehouse, main entrances, car park day/night security. The customer wanted to integrate an existing 32 analogue camera system into a Network video based CCTV system for the advantages of flexibility and scalability provided by the IP based technology...Read More

Kildare Co Co

Local Authority: Kildare County Council

Customer requirement: to monitor and record illegal activities such as dumping and to place the camera systems in a remote location in the minimum amount of time and to leave it recording for a period of time...Read More

KCR EstateIndustrial Property: KCR Industrial Estate, Dublin

Customer requirement: to monitor an Industrial Estate with 50 – 60 resident businesses, and have security in car park and public areas day and night. The customer wanted to cut back on the costs associated with manned security and opted for a solution where the manned security ....Read More