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  • Why the quality of software matters!


    A VMS might be free, but if no one updates the software or handles requests for new features, the word free might mean free now, and costly later.
    Peter Jacobsen, Director Test & Driver at Milestone Systems

    Our world runs on software. Every business depends on it and every mobile phone uses it. Every new car relies on code. Without software, modern civilization would fall apart. Given this reality, the quality of that software really matters. Because it’s so widely used and so important, low-quality software just isn’t acceptable.

    We all know the feeling. We randomly click on something and the computer freezes for no apparent reason. This usually happens when we have forgotten to save an important document. This is one of the hallmarks of low quality software. We might accept this if it is a free computer game we just downloaded. But we won’t when it comes to mission-critical software like a VMS system.

    Software quality, defined

    Quality software is reliable, reasonably bug-free, meets requirements and expectations and is maintainable.

    Key aspects of quality for the customer include:

    • Reliable – acceptable level of breakdowns or failure
    • Efficiency – fast and able to utilize the HW
    • Good functionality – it does the job well
    • Good design – look and style
    • Security
    • Maintainability

    High quality in software is achieved by having highly skilled people taking qualified design choices at every step of the way.

    Software quality comes from:

    • The right design choices - Knowing your customers, their needs and expectations
    • The right technology choices – Knowing how to get the optimal solution using the right technology
    • Being brave - Not holding on to outdated choices, but making the necessary changes at the right time
    • Testing – Making sure that the software behaves as expected with the performance, stability and security required
    • Maintenance and support - Keeping the software secure and updated

    Bad quality is hard to fix because of the number of choices that have to be changed and tests that need to be redone. It can easily take ten times the hours to track down and fix a software bug than it takes to develop a quality feature from the very beginning.

    Time will always be money

    Making quality software takes time that has to be funded somehow. Software engineers might participate in software projects out of dedication. Some of these projects produce world class software. But when the dedication vanes, the project withers. Commercial software is pricey but guarantees updates, bug-fixes and plans for new features.

    A VMS might be free, but if no one updates the software or handles requests for new features, the word free might mean free now, and costly later.

    One part of software quality is security. What do we do about users with malicious intent? Those who examine software looking for backdoors and loopholes? Quality in software is also a matter of securing the software against cyber-attacks. Just like quality, cyber security has to be built into the development right from the start. It must be a part of the mindset of the software creator.

    The Security Life Cycle

    In Milestone, we have a Security Life Cycle concept. We constantly train our software engineers in developing the most secure software and documenting choices taken. Our software is evaluated by an independent third party and the purpose of our continuous feedback process is to improve security. We are open about this and share our cyber security initiatives with the Milestone Community and invite the community’s feedback.

  • Facial Recognition Software

    Recognize. Identify. Verify.

    Facial recognition software will:

    • Enhance and improve control over who is entering and exiting a special area or building.
    • In combination with an access control system, ensure that entry is limited only to authorized persons.
    • Send an alarm or notify the staff when unwanted or unknown individuals appear.
    • Assist organizations in being more operationally efficient.
    • Present a reliable methods of recognizing and identifying selected key customers or clients who can be given extra attention and have an overall better experience.

    Matching faces

    The facial recognition software matches faces taken from real-time video with a database of previously stored images of faces. You categorize the faces in the database based on your application need – be it access control, VIP detection, or wanted individuals.

    When a face is captured on the camera, the matching takes place in real time, and a match or non-match either allows or denies access, or triggers an alarm alerting pre-determined stakeholders to take appropriate action.

    Multiple possibilities

    Facial recognition solutions are available for a wide range of applications, including:

    • Integration with access control systems in corporate and commercial buildings.
    • V.I.P. identification at casinos, hotels or high-end retail stores.
    • Watch- or black listing at stadiums, retail stores or casinos.
    • Detection of wanted persons at airports.
    • In motion identification with Biometrics Technology

    Download the White Paper

  • Axis Q29 Temperature Alarm Camera

    Temperature Alarm CamerasLeft: Network Camera Middle: Thermal Camera Right: Temperature Alarm Camera
    Both Axis Thermal Cameras and Axis Temperature alarm cameras are based on thermal imaging and use the same sensor technology. Axis thermal cameras are used mainly for detection. Axis Temperature Alarm cameras are used for remote temperature monitoring with the possibility to set temperature alarms, but can also be used for detection.
    Axis Q29 Series Temperature Alarm Cameras Read the details: Axis Q29 Series Temperature Alarm Cameras
    • Axis Temperature Alarm cameras make it possible to monitor the temperature of an object or an industrial process so that it does not rise above or fall below a certain temperature limit.
    • Unlike ordinary temperature sensors that only measure at one specific point, Axis temperature alarm cameras can be used for remotely monitored surveillance, giving visually conformation of events at the monitored scene.
    • Spot temperature capabilities, to fast predict failures by indicating problem areas before the issue becomes visible to the eye or before machinery stops working.

    Axis temperature alarm cameras feature several unique capabilities:

    • Set temperature alarms: There are two different kinds of alarms. The user can set up an upper or lower temperature limit. If the temperature goes beyond the set limit, the alarm is triggered.
    • Using the ‘Rainbow’-isothermal palette it is possible to highlight the temperature span and easy identify if a surface reaches a defined temperature. Using the ‘Rainbow’-isothermal palette it is possible to highlight the temperature span and easy identify if a surface reaches a defined temperature.
    • The user can also restrict how fast a temperature may change. If the temperature increases or decreases too rapidly, the temperature alarm is triggered.

    In the event of a temperature alarm, the operator will rapidly be able to see whether the alarm is false, since the isothermal image will show whether it was the critical object or something else that triggered the alarm.

    Another capability is so called ‘spot temperature’, where the camera measures the temperature of 9 pixels (3×3) anywhere in the image where the user clicks. The user can adjust the emissivity setting depending on the object, to get a more precise reading. As with isothermal palettes, spot temperature is used only as a visual aid for an operator.

    Read more about how Thermal Imaging works

    Screenshot from AXIS Q2901-E Temperature Alarm Camera. Clicking on the desired area provides with the Spot temperature reading. Screenshot from AXIS Q2901-E Temperature Alarm Camera. Clicking on the desired area provides the Spot temperature reading.

    Read About Encom Explosion Proof Cameras here...

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  • Getting the full 7th Generation Experience

    7th-generation-core-bannerThe new 7th Generation Core Processors are built for business users, content creators and gaming enthusiasts. There are many benefits:

    • General Performance , Speed and Responsiveness:
      • Desktop 7th Gen Intel Core processors offer up to 20% better performance compared to previous generation
      • Mobile 7th Gen Intel Core processors offer up to 20% better performance versus a 3 year old PC
    • Entertainment
      • Mobile 7th Gen Intel Core processors offer up to 5.5 x faster 4K 360° video creation versus a 3 year old PC
      • High-fidelity Audio
      • Smooth 360° video play back while multitasking.
      • 4K Ultra HD HDR Support and premium 4K Ultra HD Content.
    • Mobility and Flexibility
      • Simple versatile and fast connectivity with other devices using thunderbolt 3 technology.
    • Security
      • 7th Gen Intel Core processor based PCs with windows 10 and McAfee provide improved hardware enhanced worry free computing for IP, data, identity and privacy protection usages.

    Desktops and Mobiles

    Get the best possible computing experience with a 7th Gen Intel Core Processor add a 4K monitor for clearer gaming, an Intel Solid state drive for high speed storage and Thunderbolt peripherals for fast and easy connectivity.

    • 4k Monitors
      • Up to 35% faster 4K Ultra HD 360° video creation versus a 3 year old desktop.
    • Thunderbolt Peripherals
      • Remove the burden of multiple wires. Thunderbolt 3 technology offers a simple versatile one-wire connectionto your PC for power, data and dual 4K HD displays
      • Plus, Intel Wireless Docking based on WiGig offers support for up to 2 full HD monitors ad numerous USB peripherals for today's thin and light weight mobile devices.
    • Intel Solid State Drives
      • Combined with the high speed storage capabilities of an Intel Solid State Drive get the performance you need without the lag time or moving parts of a traditional hard drive.

  • Top technology trends in the security market

    Johan Paulsson is CTO of Axis Communications and has overall responsibility for its current crop of products and its thinking about what the future might hold for Security in 2017. Read on to find out where he sees its future.


    Security as a service

    We expect customers will start to see their security as a service – remote and professionally hosting and monitoring of video transmitted from the customer’s site. This will not only free up internal resources which could be better focused elsewhere, but also improve the service levels, enable better device-management, and strengthen cyber security.

    Integrated solutions

    The security industry will continue its trends of offering more specific solutions to particular situations. In the end, customers aren’t looking to buy hardware/software – what they really want is to reduce shoplifting, or make sure only certain people can access the cash office, or keep track of potential threats in an airport. The convergence of hardware into end-to-end solutions will be able to address specific security problems. They will consist of high-performance cameras, storage and access controls tightly integrated with video management and analytics tools. This approach will be easier for customers to purchase, install and implement, while offering a great return on their investment.

    Expanded use of analytics

    While high quality video footage is a core feature of modern security cameras, ultimately that information needs to be assessed and analyzed before a decision can be made to respond to its content. The recent advances in camera technologies, such as thermal imaging and enhanced low-light capabilities have been significant steps forward. But in the end, they just generate more footage that needs to be watched/reviewed. The security industry has been working hard on video analytics software that can work in real time to help professionals make informed decisions. We expect to see 2017 as the year when these new camera capabilities are combined with real-time analytics to address several security challenges, including facial recognition, forensic analysis and perimeter protection.

    Deep Learning

    With all this data being gathered, we are seeing deep learning technologies being more broadly used within the security industry. As more data is gathered, computers can start to learn about what behavior is expected for certain typical locations or environments and flag up incidents when unexpected activities occur. This is only the beginning and is a very exciting space to keep an eye on.

    Beyond video

    Physical security doesn’t just involve watching people/places/stuff. It’s also about access to places, communication and managing emergencies – and sometimes having to do that kind of thing from a significant distance. So, we see 2017 as being the year when fully-integrated physical security systems, combining cameras, intelligent doors, intercoms and speakers become viable.


    ‘The Internet of Things’ has evolved from buzzword status to mainstream reality, but not without its challenges. While we still think the idea of millions of IP-enabled devices is an exciting prospect for the future, 2016 gave us a sobering reminder of the pitfalls of not properly securing all those internet-connected fridges, DVRs and unfortunately security cameras. Axis has always taken its customers’ security seriously, but we will hopefully see 2017 as the year when all manufacturers make this a priority. The biggest challenge we see with cyber security is to find the right balance between secure devices/systems and complexity/ease of use. We will continue to strengthen our existing offerings and make it easier for our customers to keep their networks and devices secure.


    We think the Internet of Things should be about better security, and more efficient businesses, organizations and cities thanks to “smart” cameras, door stations and audio equipment with network connectivity. 2017 will add more ‘smarts’ to those devices, while also enabling customers to focus on what they do best and allowing security specialists to improve the services they provide.

  • IBM Intelligent Video Analytics

    IBM Intelligent Video Analytics cuts through the vast linear process of video monitoring by converting video images to data. IBM Intelligent Video Analytics cuts through the vast linear process of video monitoring by converting video images to data.

    IBM Intelligent Video Analytics helps organisations develop comprehensive security, intelligence, and investigative capabilities using video. You can use advanced search, redaction and facial recognition analytics to find the relevant images and critical information across multiple video files from multiple types of cameras. Selected live-streaming cameras plus pre-recorded video ingestion from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion are supported. IBM IVA is compatible with Axis and Milestone products.

    The Intelligent Video Analytics base installation includes these functions for live streaming, fixed cameras:

    • Real time alerts to call attention to events
    • Rich content-based indexing to find critical images and patterns
    • Standards-based open and extensible architecture

    Optional capabilities extend the solution:

    • Ingestion of pre-recorded videos from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion. With ingested video files, analysts can extract critical information and find relevant images faster, which may help accelerate investigations.
    • Automated intelligent redaction
    • Advanced facial recognition to aid lead generation and risk assessment
    • Advanced people search capabilities based on cognitive analytics

    Real-time alerts to call attention to events

    Intelligent Video Analytics provides event-based security that analyzes streaming video feeds from fixed cameras to provide real-time alerts about user-predefined behaviors of people, vehicles, or objects. It can help identify perimeter or tripwire breaches, abandoned objects, objects removed, vehicles moving in unexpected directions, and more. In addition, a key differentiator from other analytics offerings is that Intelligent Video Analytics indexes these alerts along with other activities across cameras and sensors. It can index a whole set of attributes about each and every event.

    Advanced search

    Intelligent Video Analytics' basic detection, classification, and indexing algorithms can index hundreds of millions of events and alerts to create a full index for live-streaming fixed cameras that can be quickly searched, analyzed, and correlated in seconds. Users can data mine the index for a wide array of criteria, including searches of real-time and historical data for specific items, such as vehicles and objects.

    To help search further, the data mining capabilities allow for searching by such attributes as color and size. Additionally, Intelligent Video Analytics provides a statistical analysis of events that can be sorted by date and time, or over an extended period of time, in order to perform a trend analysis. These figures are directly linked back to their particular video feed or ingested file for immediate viewing when a potential anomaly has to be reviewed promptly.

    Rapid searching for persons of interest

    Cognitive analytics that are part of Intelligent Video Analytics optional capabilities can help make forensic searching for images of people within video files simpler and faster. The solution can search hundreds of hours of footage across multiple files from a variety of camera types.

    The agency can set search criteria for characteristics such as hair color, baldness, facial hair, age range, glasses, skin tone, gender, clothing colors or patterns, and more. Once the agency sets the characteristics, searching for such attributes is done automatically. This capability may reduce the extensive time and effort that would otherwise be required of an analyst or officer to view all the footage manually.

    Automated redaction

    Once video is captured, whether from cameras in motion or from fixed cameras, it may be necessary to share clips with the media, the public, and other security organizations. Intelligent Video Analytics includes an optional capability for redaction to assist organizations in their efforts to comply with privacy and criminal justice evidence handling laws for publicly shared video.

    To use the redaction function, an agency or organization sets up the criteria to automatically blur out sensitive images that may have been captured by the camera lens. Manually performing such a task would be labor-intensive work. Automated redaction may significantly reduce the time and labor required to release video footage for shared use. Intelligent Video Analytics includes the following redaction functions:

    • Redact one or more faces for a specified video segment.
    • Optionally redact all detected faces.
    • Redact all pixels for a specified video segment.
    • Redact image pixels that are outside the selected regions for a specified video segment.
    • Manually select an object, such as computer screen, to be redacted from a video segment.
    • Manually redact any content of a single video frame.
    • Automatically redact selected objects with optional user adjustments.
    • Redact specified video content with options of various masking techniques, including blurring, pixilation, blank mask, and gradient map.

    Face capture and recognition for lead generation

    Faces captured by body-worn cameras or fixed cameras could prove helpful to security analysts and investigators when run through facial recognition tools. However, not all face capture images will yield effective results; the more images of a face that are captured, the greater the likelihood of a resulting match. Optional cognitive analytics in Intelligent Video Analytics provide greater accuracy to help identify good facial images for further recognition analysis, potentially saving time and personnel costs, and possibly identifying a person of interest who might otherwise have been missed.

    To enable facial recognition, the agency enrolls or loads a set of facial images representing potential persons of interest into their Intelligent Video Analytics watch list. The analytic software automatically compares the faces identified in ingested video clips with the faces in the watch list. The facial recognition function detects high-quality matches and sends them to Intelligent Video Analytics as a recognition alert. This process can take a matter of minutes rather than the hours previously needed to review footage and manually cross-check with all the persons of interest.

    Standards-based open and extensible architecture

    The Intelligent Video Analytics architecture is designed specifically to facilitate interoperability with products from different vendors to broaden and enhance the overall security framework for the particular environment in which it is deployed. This approach to video analytics and security helps an organization to deliver preventive security controls, countermeasures, and safeguards, and to evolve, as necessary, by incorporating third-party products and services (such as specialized analytics, sensor data, and integration with transactional information technology systems). Intelligent Video Analytics interoperability contributes to its ease of implementation by leveraging and enhancing current technologies rather than isolating them. As a result, it provides the necessary framework to help implement effective security controls that can adapt to ever-changing and new threats.

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  • SQL Server 2016


    Industry leading-Build mission-critical, intelligent apps with breakthrough scalability, performance, and availability.

    Security & performance- Protect data at rest and in motion. SQL Server is the most secure database for six years running in the NIST vulnerabilities database.

    End-to-end mobile BI- Transform data into actionable insights. Deliver visual reports on any device—online or offline—at one-fifth the cost of other self-service solutions.

    In-database advanced analytics-Analyze data directly within your SQL Server database using R, the popular statistics language.

    Consistent experiences- Whether data is in your datacenter, in your private cloud, or on Microsoft Azure, you’ll get a consistent experience.

    • SQL Server 2016—everything built-in: Turn your mission-critical applications into intelligent application with SQL Server 2016—the first database that is born in the cloud, setting a new standard for the pace of innovation.
    • SQL Server 2016, coming soon, offers faster analytics, unique hybrid capabilities, industry leading security and much more.
    • SQL Server 2016 is a game-changer. It was built cloud-first for the new world of massive data, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

    What are the Benefits of SQL Server 2016

    SQL Server 2016 delivers breakthrough mission-critical capabilities in scalability, performance, and availability for your most important OLTP and data warehousing workloads.

    • Scale up to 12 TB of memory and 640 logical processors with Windows Server 2016
    • Reach up to 30x faster transactions and 100x faster queries with enhanced in-memory performance
    • Run real-time Operational Analytics over transactional data
    • Balance loads across readable secondaries in Always On availability groups

    Most secure database

    Our multi-layered approach to security has a proven track record of producing the least vulnerable database, even while being the most widely-used database on the planet.

    • Rely on a database with the least vulnerabilities of any major platform—six years in a row
    • Protect data at rest and in motion with TDE and new Always Encrypted
    • Mask sensitive data with minimal application impact using Dynamic Data Masking
    • Grant access based on user characteristics with Row Level Security

    Comprehensive business intelligence

    SQL Server 2016 delivers a comprehensive, on-premises, enterprise-ready BI platform that helps you to transform complex data into actionable insights.

    • Create modern reports and visualize dense data with additional chart types
    • Access KPIs and mobile and paginated reports using the SQL Server Reporting Services web portal
    • Get faster SQL Server Analysis Services performance with parallel processing
    • Use enhanced multidimensional models in SQL Server Analysis Services
    • Easily set up SQL Server Data Tools Preview in Visual Studio 2015

    In-database advanced analytics

    Built-in advanced analytics provide scalability and performance for building and running your advanced analytics algorithms directly in the core SQL Server transactional database.

    • Transform complex data from multiple sources into trusted data models using the most popular statistical modelling language
    • Process analytics in-place, reducing latencies and operational costs
    • Write models once and deploy anywhere: in-database, to the cloud, or to Linux, Hadoop, and Teradata
    • Access thousands of R Scripts and Models in CRAN (Common R Archival Network)

    Consistent experience from on-premises to cloud

    SQL Server 2016 delivers a consistent experience both on-premises and cloud. You get an exceptional experience whether data is in your datacenter, in a private cloud, or on Azure.

    • Dynamically stretch warm and cold data to Azure with Stretch Database
    • Tackle your mission-critical workloads with larger Azure virtual machine sizes
    • Rely on our cloud-first features, tested by millions of Azure databases
    • Use the skills you already have with common development and management tools and common T-SQL everywhere

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  • Ultrastar He10-10TB hard drive

    10tb-hard-driveWestern Digital Corp. further expanded its data center SSD and HDD portfolio with the introduction of next-generation storage solutions designed to help IT managers address the intensive data and extreme performance demands of today’s enterprise, cloud and hyperscale workloads.

    The Ultrastar He10 is hermetically sealed and filled with helium, and it has seven platters crammed into a standard-height 25.4mm (1-inch) hard drive.

    HGST delivers the very best capacity hard drive in the industry – Ultrastar He10 and is now available.

    • The He10 uses PMR technology and is the industry’s first 10TB drive that is drop-in ready for any enterprise-capacity application or environment.
    • Based on field proven, third-generation HelioSeal® technology, it offers the lowest power profile in the industry to help data center architects meet eco-environmental goals and requirements.
    • Targeted at 2.5M hours MTBF, the He10 provides the highest reliability rating available of all HDDs on the market today by building on the successful design of its 8TB and 6TB predecessors.
    • Ultrastar He10 will deliver more capacity, more efficiency, more reliability and more value to your data center.

    Download the Data Sheet

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  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family

    The 7th Gen Reveal: A Performance Breakthrough The 7th Gen Reveal: A Performance Breakthrough

    5.5X Faster 4K Video is Just the Start

    The new 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors are launching. Take advantage of market excitement around instant 4K UHD video, fluid live-broadcast gaming, fast 360-degree content creation and immersive virtual reality experiences.

    • Double-digit performance gains improve productivity by up to 70 percent.
    • Intel® Ready Mode technology, Intel® Optane™ memory and Intel® Speed Shift technology deliver unparalleled responsiveness.
    • Up to 10 hours of battery life keeps customers connected for an entire workday.
    • Up to 15 percent more high-speed I/O lanes with increased port flexibility provide more connectivity.
    • All new capabilities integrate with Intel® vPro™ technology, Windows® 10 optimisation and world-class security.

    7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors are available now. Call Encom for more details.

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  • Reduce Video Surveillance Storage Costs

    Cameras with Axis Zipstream Reduces Video Surveillance Storage Costs by up to 50%
    Camera security surveillance systems are growing due to increased security concerns and a requirement for the better image quality. New regulations now demand longer video retention times which means more data needs to be stored and archived all leading to increased storage costs.

    • Axis’ Zipstream technology is a camera technology that reduces storage requirements by an average of 50% or more – in some scenarios with as much as 90% – without compromising the forensic quality of the video.
    • Axis’ Zipstream technology significantly reduces storage requirements without costly and complicated integration, using the current infrastructure. Zipstream is included in supported Axis cameras free of charge.
    • Optimized for video surveillance, Zipstream is a radically more efficient H.264 implementation, lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average 50% or more for many common 24/7 surveillance use cases. Zipstream is backward compatible with any video management system (VMS) with H.264 support, without any need for upgrades.
    • Zipstream analyzes the video stream in real-time, making sure that interesting details and motion are preserved with the given video quality, while other, less interesting areas are filtered harder to reduce the stored data.
    • Today, Zipstream is available for H.264-based products but there is nothing in the technology that prevents the solution from migrating to H.265 encoders when that becomes technically possible. Zipstream is a constantly evolving techology and is now upgraded to support pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras. A dynamic frame rate feature has also been introduced in Zipstream which reduces the bitrate to almost zero when there is no activity in the scene, offering significant additional savings.

    zipstream-1Above are examples of surveillance scenes where Axis’ Zipstream technology can reduce storage needs. The table shows the Zipstream strength value and whether dynamic GOP was enabled, as well as the total bitrate reduction.

  • On-the-go mobile surveillance-Milestone

    Access your system from anywhere

    • Instant access anywhere: View and play back incidents on smartphones and tablets so you can always stay on top of things.
    • Stay informed: Milestone Mobile includes push notifications, which notify you when alarms are triggered on your premises.
    • Secure connectivity: All communication between the Milestone Mobile app and server is encrypted, ensuring superior security
    • Easily share video: Take immediate action by creating and watching exports on-the-go
    • View video across distributed surveillance sites: Users can access cameras from all sub-sites in large, multi-site installations

    Rapid incident response

    • Respond to incidents when they happen: Users can push live video from the device's camera directly into the XProtect system allowing you to document incidents as they happen
    • Know exactly where to send first responders: Users can document the location of pushed video by associating a GPS position with the live video they capture
    • Address security situations promptly: When an alarm is triggered, push notifications are sent to designated users, so they can respond immediately when a situation arises.
    • Control outputs remotely: Whether or not they are physically on-site, users can control outputs, such as closing/opening doors and switching lights on/off

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  • Wireless video surveillance

    Axis offers a range of cameras with built-in wireless support. Network cameras without built-in wireless technology can still be integrated into a wireless network if a wireless bridge is used. Axis offers a range of cameras with built-in wireless support. Network cameras without built-in wireless technology can still be integrated into a wireless network if a wireless bridge is used.

    For video surveillance applications, wireless technology is easy to set up and attractive for small businesses:

    • offering a cost-efficient way to set up a surveillance system.
    • a flexible and quick way to deploy cameras.
    • in older, protected buildings, wireless technology may be the only alternative if standard Ethernet cables cannot be installed.
    • is ideal over a large area such as a parking lot or a city center surveillance application as there is no cabling required.
    • Axis offers a range of cameras with built-in wireless support. Network cameras without built-in wireless technology can still be integrated into a wireless network if a wireless bridge is used.
    Axis M3044-WV Network Camera Axis M3044-WV Network Camera
    Axis M1065-LW Axis M1065-LW Network Camera
    Axis Camera Companion Axis Camera Companion

    WLAN Security

    Due to the nature of wireless communications, anyone with a wireless device that is present within the area covered by a wireless network can share the network and intercept data being transferred over it unless the network is secured.

    To prevent unauthorized access to the data transferred and to the network, some security technologies such as WEP and WPA/WPA2 have been developed to prevent unauthorized access and encrypt data sent over the network.

    WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
    WEP prevents people without the correct key from accessing the network. There are, however, weaknesses in WEP.

    They include keys that are relatively short and other flaws that allow keys to be reconstructed from a relatively small amount of intercepted traffic.

    WEP today is no longer considered to provide adequate security as there are a variety of utilities freely available on the web that can be used to crack what is meant to be a secret WEP key. This is why WPA/WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access) standards have been developed.

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  • AXIS Q1659 Network Camera with Canon EF/EF-S lenses

    The new AXIS Q1659 is an interchangeable-lens network camera jointly developed with Axis Communications that combines both Canon and Axis’s technological strengths. Axis will launch the new camera in markets worldwide in the first quarter of 2017. The new AXIS Q1659 is an interchangeable-lens network camera jointly developed with Axis Communications that combines both Canon and Axis’s technological strengths. Axis will launch the new camera in markets worldwide in the first quarter of 2017.

    AXIS Q1659 merges Canon’s superlative optical and imaging technologies with Axis’s exceptional network image-processing technology, marks Canon and Axis’s first jointly developed product. Through further cooperation that leverages each company’s strengths, Canon and Axis aim to provide customers with sophisticated high-performance network cameras and solutions.

    Canon and Axis technologies combine to deliver high-resolution surveillance

    Featuring the same Canon-developed high-performance image sensor and image-processing engine employed in the Company’s EOS series of interchangeable-lens cameras, the new AXIS Q1659 makes possible the capture of approximately 20-megapixel (5472 x 3648 pixels) color video at 8 frames per second to support high-resolution surveillance applications. Additionally, through Axis’s proprietary video-processing and image-compression technologies, the camera offers even more storage and bandwidth savings for enhanced video surveillance efficiency.

    A wide selection of lenses to match any surveillance application

    AXIS Q1659 users can choose from a selection of seven different EF and EF-S interchangeable lenses for EOS-series cameras, ranging from wide-angle to telephoto lenses to satisfy a wide array of surveillance needs. Canon optical imaging technologies enable sharp, high-image-quality surveillance, from wide-area to telephoto, for such environments as cities, airports and stadiums.

    AXIS Q1659 network camera: features and tech specs

    • 20MP resolution
    • 8 frames per second (fps)
    • High-performance image sensor and Canon EF/EF-S lenses
    • Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) imaging technology with choice of 7 different EF/EF-S lenses depending on requirements
    • EF lens mount for easy lens changes
    • Supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Program and AXIS Camera Station. Third-party video analytics applications can be installed on the camera via AXIS Camera Application Platform
    • Features latest incarnation of Axis’ pioneering Zipstream storage technology, which slashes bandwidth requirements by 50%
    • SFP slot for optional fibre connectivity allows network connectivity over long distances

    AXIS Q1659 network camera:

    “This camera is truly a best of both worlds approach: The world-class image quality Canon is known for with its professional-level photography technology and Axis’ market-leading security systems that deliver everything required for a complete, flexible and easy-to-manage installation,” says Olof Leidecker, global product manager at Axis.

    “In addition to the extreme level of quality and detail, AXIS Q1659 can, thanks to its broad VMS support, be quickly integrated with existing security environments.”

  • Display Monitors


    Iiyama G-MASTER
    GB2888UHSU-B1 Gold Phoenix

    28” G-MASTER 4K monitor supporting FreeSync™ technology

    • The 28" G-MASTER GB2888UHSU known as Gold Phoenix, features 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, offering a gigantic viewable area with 4 times more information and workspace than a Full HD screen.
    • Due to the high DPI (dots per inch) the monitor displays an incredibly sharp and crisp image.
    • Featuring 1ms response time and FreeSync™ technology, it ends choppy gameplay ensuring fluid and accurate transition between images.
    • With the Black Tuner functionality the brightness and the dark shades can be adjusted, giving greater viewing performance in shadowed areas.
    • USB 3.0 HUB, integrated speakers and a headphone socket ensure compatibility with any Desktop PC or Notebook.
    • The GB2888UHSU is perfect for gamers and demanding users who settle only for the best specifications.


    Iiyama ProLite

    High-end 24” AMVA monitor featuring height adjustable stand

    • ProLite XB2483HSU-B2 - a 24” LED backlit LCD Screen featuring AMVA panel technology, guarantees accurate and consistent colour reproduction with wide viewing angles.
    • Offering 24 bit ‘True Colour’ and great performance for displaying Black and White with the 3000:1 Native Contrast Ratio, means that the Prolite XB2483HSU-B2 will provide excellent performance for Photographic, Design and Web-design.
    • The monitor features a height adjustable stand with PIVOT function making it also an excellent choice for Universities, Corporate and Financial Markets.

    Call Us: 01 4545 465

  • HP All-in-One Printers



    HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177fw

    Ideal for businesses that want to boost productivity and print professional-quality marketing materials without leaving the office. This networked HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP prints, copies and scans in vibrant colour.

    • Fit this compact, colour MFP in small spaces, and finish print jobs in fewer steps.
      • Get brilliant, consistent colour using Original HP LaserJet print cartridges, and print crisp text at the same black cost-per-page as from a black-and-white HP LaserJet2.
      • Handle big copy jobs with the 35-page automatic document feeder, while you work on other business.
      • Expand your media options with support for a wide variety of media types.
      • Speed through document tasks: get the first print out in a matter of seconds. Set the pace for success with an MFP that prints, copies, scans and faxes fast.
    • Easy control at your fingertips.
      • Set up each task with just a few simple taps on the 7.6 cm colour touchscreen, and access apps that make document management easier.
      • Easily copy both sides of a two-sided ID or other small document onto the front of a single-page.
      • Help save energy with HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology – intelligence that can turn your printer on when you need it and off when you don’t.
    • Print on your terms.
      • Print from virtually anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, and PC – with HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint.
      • Extend your printing reach. Easily set up, print, and share using built-in Ethernet and wireless connectivity.
      • Easily manage your MFP with convenient device management tools.


    HP OfficeJet Pro 8740

    Maximise your print environment with space-saving HP Print Forward Design and professional-quality, low-cost colour. Help reduce costs with fleet management solutions. Stay productive with an all-in-one designed for high-volume enterprises.
    Dynamic security: Cartridges with non-HP chips might not work today or in the future.

    • Save up to 70% on ink and never run out ink. Original HP ink. Ordered by your printer, delivered to your door.
      • Print colour, black & white, and photos – your cost is the same.
      • Ink cartridges and delivery costs included in your monthly plan price.
      • No annual fee – change or cancel plans online anytime without penalty.
    • Innovative design for superb office productivity
      • Speed through print jobs, using superfast two-sided printing.
      • Breeze through multipage documents with one-pass two-sided scanning and a 50-page automatic document feeder.
      • Revolutionary design delivers laser-like paper handling and superfast print speeds.
      • Increase paper capacity to 500 sheets with the included second 250-sheet paper tray.
    • Mobile printing that keeps your business covered
      • Print with just a touch of your NFC-enabled mobile device to the printer – no company network needed.
      • Print directly from your mobile device without accessing the company network, from anywhere in the office.
      • Easily print from a variety of smartphones and tablets.
      • Help protect information and access to confidential print jobs with HP JetAdvantage Private Print.
    • Ultimate fleet control, seamless management
      • Get increased printing options with HP PCL 6, HP PCL 5c, HP PS, and scalable TrueType fonts.
      • Easily print Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint® files, plus Adobe® PDF files, directly from your USB drive.
      • Experience a new style of business printing and imaging, with HP JetAdvantage On Demand solutions.
      • Easily take command of your printing environment from one central location, with HP Web Jetadmin

    Call Us: 01 4545 465

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